About us

The Chamber of Commerce in Uherske Hradiste was established in 1994. With respect to relatively wide scope of activities, the members of the Chamber are from a broad spectrum of areas (engineering, electric equipment, construction, chemical production, food production and agriculture; manufacturing, trading and service sectors).

The membership is voluntary in in the Czech Republic. So far we have nearly 200 members and about 1500 business partners.
With respect to its legal and social status, a substantial part of the chamber's activities is concentrated on business services including information, consulting and mediating services provided by the office of the Chamber. Although the Chamber is focused primarily on local businesses, valuable information is also provided to clients from other parts of the country and abroad.
We organize regular official and informal meetings of members, businessmen and representatives of social and public sectors, tennis and golf tournaments and other cultural and social events which significantly contribute to creation of positive human relations and a good atmosphere.

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